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Velux Windows Blinds > Velux Blinds

Velux Prices

We supply Velux Blind throughout Mainland UK.
Call us with the following details taken from the Data Plate - located inside the opening part of the window:

1. Window Size (C02, F06, M04, etc)
2. Window Type (GGL, GGU, GPL, etc)
3. Blind Type (Velux Roller, Siesta, Pleated, Venetian, Awnings, etc)
4. Colour Code (from colour swatch images below)

Information about Velux Windows and Blinds
Velux Prices

Roller Blinds Colours

Roller Blinds Colour Swatch

Provides basic privacy and control of sunlight, wide range of colours and patterns available to choose from.
Roller Blinds Colours

Siesta Blinds Colours

Siesta Blinds Colour Swatch

Blackout effect to turn day into night. Aluminium backing (as standard) to reduce heat gain and heat loss. Available in a wide range of colours and designs.
Siesta Blinds Colours

Pleated Blinds Colours

Pleated Blinds Colour Swatch

Provides privacy and sun screening without total blackout of daylight. Create elegant, soft, decorative effect. Available in a wide range of colours and patterns.
Pleated Blinds Colours

Venetian Blinds Colours

Venetian Blinds Colour Swatch

Controls both the amount and direction of light. Classic style combined with practical simplicity. Aluminium coating option available to reduce heat gain and heat loss.
Venetian Blinds Colours

Awning Blind Colours

Awning Blinds Colour Swatch

The external Awning blind provides effective protection against the heat of the sun, while allowing a pleasant diffused light into the room. (fabric 5060 and 6060).
Awning Blind Colours

How to Fit Velux Blinds

Click and Scroll down the page.

There may be small differences between colours and patterns shown on your computer screen and the real material.

Roller Blinds Information

Pleated Blinds Information

Venetian Blinds Information

Siesta Blinds Information

Shutters and Screens Information
Velux Windows Blinds > Velux Blinds