Dormer Window Renovation and Repair

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Dormer Window Renovation and Repair

Dormer renovation

Dormers, like other window types have long lifespans, however they occasionally require renovation and repair.

Dormer windows are heavily exposed to the extremes of UK weather, and over time dormers can develop problems and decay or leak.

We are specialists in dormer extension and window renovation, and reconstruction and can replace most dormers with structures and finishes close to their former appearance and in a weatherproof state without any need for planning permission.

All work is carried out to meet building regulations.

Typical dormer problems:

  • Structural problems
    • Rotted or decomposed rafters
    • Misshapen and loss of weather tight joints around an attic dormer from natural rafter ageing and settlement
    • Broken or missing tiles
    • Damage to dormer cheeks or gable
  • Window Frame problems
    • Rotted wooden frames weakening window joints
    • Leaks around frame leading to green mould on walls
    • Leaks around window pane causing damp plaster and damaged decoration
    • Leak from hip joint valleys (where the 2 roofs meet at different angles) caused by storm damage - slipped and lost tiles; lead flashing
    • corrosion/weathering; settlement or structural shift - causing misalignment of dormer structure
  • Window pane problems
    • Cracked glass
    • Single glazing
    • Lose pane

Most dormer reconstructions do not require planing permission as the roof structure is not being altered. This allows building work to progress with minimum delay.

Our experience in building dormers allows us to recreate your existing home dormer windows without need for detailed building plans.

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