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Structural Conversion Process

Replacing standard "W" trusses creates useable loft space for a loft conversion.

Our efficient process entirely replaces the roof within days, for minimum cost, disruption and inconvenience.

By replacing the roof system and often raising the ridge line we can create comfortable, spacious and beautiful interiors.


1) Ramsbottom - this four modern four bedroom house now has a more suitable structure - higher and gable ended;
2) Roof Conversion - Earby - the existing roof covering and 'W' shaped roof trusses are removed before we installed 'A' shaped attic trusses, taking care to protect the existing roof tiles, electrics and plumbing elements.

Our Proven Processes

Once building work starts we always progress quickly to ensure the minimum of household disruption. Our proven process efficiently converts standard truss structures into spacious rooms with ample head height and internal living space.

The advantages of our process include:

  • Reduced vulnerability of the property to the elements
  • Minimal disruption and faster overall build time
  • Improved site security and safety


Converting just the roof structure usually requires 4-5 days.

Preparation - 1 Day

  • Erection of scaffolding around the property
  • Protective boarding used on any ground floor structures
  • Props used to support the existing bedroom ceilings so rooms remained undisturbed
  • Removal of guttering, soffits, facia, roof tiles, truss frames & spars
  • Build up the wall plates (tops) and any gable end brickwork to provide additional head height
  • Making roof area watertight

Attic trusses installed - 1 Day

  • Installation of replacement attic trusses - (using crane) these are an all in one unit of floor and roof timbers
  • Spacing of trusses at 400mm centres, propping and bracing of these into position
  • Attachment of wall plate straps and fastening of frames to the gable ends
  • Waterproof and breathable felt overlay and mechanically secured with battens

Roof tiling - 2-3 Days

  • New downpipes, guttering, soffits and facia installed
  • Existing and replacement roof tiles installed

With a replacement roof structure put in place houses and tiled work begins to create the internal rooms.

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