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We Create Exciting Loft Offices, Lounge & Kitchens

Designing an exciting loft office, living room or kitchen needs practical solutions that meet your specific needs. Design ideas consider positioning of natural and artificial light, location of electrical appliances and power sockets and work areas.

Loft Offices

An ever increasing demand from people who work from home is for dedicated, purpose designed space.

Many of our clients are corporate homeworkers or self-employed and by creating a convenient and practical loft room thay have the opportunity to design their perfect home office from scratch.

Loft home office
Loft Home Office

If your home office is to be your foremost working space you will need adequate lighting, power, broadband and telehone connections, tv connectors, heating, ventilation and storage space.

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Designing for Power

Offices usually have the full complement of electrical products: computer(s), printers, scanners, fax, monitors, desk lights, phone, camera, recharger(s), TV, DVD, and so on.

This all adds up to significant power demand, so office electrics need to be organised and planed for. Ensuring adequate power supply in the right places, e.g. socket points, their positioning and appropriate safety apparatus.

Our qualified electricians will assess your requirements and examine your current electrical systems to ensure your home is kept safe and that it will work as designed once installed.

Additional wiring is installed under floors and behind insulation.

Lighting and Ventilation

The available daylight and electric light needs to be adequate for your needs.

The size, number and positioning of roof windows will influence the amount and position of natural light from overhead sources, or at the same level if balconies or modular windows are designed in.

Choosing the appropriate roof windows will also give you adequate and well positioned ventilation whenever you need it.

In addition, wall and ceiling lights can be installed to lighten shadowed work areas for daytime room use. For evening use, when daylight fades, your room design will need additional direct or indirect light sources, such as sunken spotlights or halogen lights which do not detract from available headroom.

Contact us to design your loft room as a peaceful working environment in order that you may enjoy all the benefits and convenience of working from a dedicated home office.

Loft Living Rooms

Roof Windows for Views

At the height of urban chic or rural relaxation, loft living can offer splendid views and space above all the hustle and bustle of modern life.

If your home commands interesting or spectacular views then you can maximise light and the aspect from the window by choosing long VELUX® roof windows, or a bank of modular windows to complement the pitch of your roof.

Roof skylights designed for maximum views
Picture by Velux®

Lower pitched roofs require longer windows to keep the same vertical aperture as on steeply pitched roofs.

When helping to design a loft living room we usually begin with a survey and seek to understand how you plan to use the room. This will influence the design plans which begin to map available space, access points, traffic routes and natural light sources. Design plans will assist you in visualising focal points, furniture plans and colour schemes.

Quite quickly you will have the drawings and ideas which are the basis of an architectural building plan which our expert surveyors' and architects can draw up. Whilst drawing up designs and plans they are routinely assessed for feasibility against building controls and planning regulations.

Loft Kitchens

Loft kitchen design idea with Velux windows
Picture by Velux®

A new kitchen, designed to your specifications: favourite appliances, layout colours.

Converting your unused attic into a kitchen allows you to design your perfect kitchen from the start and with ample space. You will also free up the space downstairs for other uses.

Loft kitchens need to have adequate: ventilation, to let out cooking vapours; power, for appliances; light, for ambiance and space for storage.

Loft kitchen design idea with Velux loft windows
Picture by Velux®

With space, a beautiful kitchen table and chairs a loft kitchen can become the focal point of the house, a place of food production, and a more private but still social area.

The particular design issues for kitchens are moisture resistant surfaces for VELUX® windows and access for cooking and storage appliances.

Essential kitchen features are storage for food stuffs, crockery, cutlery, pots and pans. All of which can be built in to save space such as shelves and cabinets.

Ask us about the range of Howdens kitchens you can have installed.

Kitchens require plumbing for water and waste, and power, so designs will tend to focus on organisation of the kitchen, even at an early stage.

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