Loft Conversion Ideas

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Loft Conversion Ideas

We can turn your attic into a modern, beautifully large loft room or functional storage space.

We create an additional room in your house simply by adapting your existing loft space.

This rapidly increases your living space and with a minimal amount of disruption and inconvenience you can add a loft office, bedroom or basic multi-function storage area.

Because your new room is developed from a shell it can be your ideal design, modern and contemporary or cozy and inviting. The choice is yours.

With an almost blank canvas for design ideas you can plan to have installed the latest electric under-floor heating, skylight window controls and en suite bathroom designs.

We turn your ideas into reality.

From enquiry-to-finish our experience and expertise can take your ideas and put them into practice.

Modern Contemporary Designs

We have extensive experience planning and developing loft conversions. We can introduce you to leading materials, designs and ideas such as:

  • Glass brick walls
  • En suite glass bathroom doors
  • Power showers
  • Fitted cupboards
  • Centralised lighting controls
  • Roof balconies and terrace windows
  • Skylight banks - even over the roof apex! How's that for vision?
Glass roof using modular Velux windows

We can quickly guide you on the feasibility and cost of design ideas and options, then progress your project from initial survey, ideas, designs, plans and approvals to the professional loft conversion itself.

Our professionalism, experience and quality focus ensures your home will remain structurally sound and safe, but will be significantly larger.


We prefer to become involved in a conversion project from the outset, in order that you benefit our extensive knowledge, but whatever stage you are at in a conversion - even attempting a do-it-yourself DIY loft conversion - we would like to offer our professional services.

Our usual progression for attic storage/office conversions:

  1. Telephone consultation to discuss a basic home and project details e.g. planned start dates and approximate size of loft
  2. Site visit to discuss requirements and agree specification
  3. Provide a written price quotation and specification
  4. Commence conversion of loft space to non habitable loft space

Our usual progression for bedroom and habitable lofts is:

  1. Telephone consultation to ascertain a few basic home and project details
  2. Initiate a survey to assess the suitability of your house for a loft conversion
  3. Draw up design/floor plans in accordance with ideas and regulations
  4. Submit and progress plans for Building Regulations or if required Planning Permission approval
  5. Commence conversion of loft space - stairs, floor, windows, electrics, plumbing, heating, walls and insulation.

We ensure loft conversions are efficiently, speedily and professionally completed in order to avoid undue inconvenience.

The outcome is a professionally designed and constructed room aimed at meeting your needs and approval, and in accordance with your ideas and usage plans, so that you too can make the very most of your loft.

Conversion Ideas


Loft Conversions to Playroom
Picture by Velux

Loft playrooms benefit from maximum light and large windows, smooth polyurethane for easy cleaning and heat-reflective glass to keep temperatures stable.

Velux blinds give you inspirational designs and colours to match any child's playroom, and control of the blinds at the touch of a button.


Loft Conversions to Playroom
Picture by Velux

Lofts can make the ideal 'extra' or guest bedroom, a luxury master bedroom, or indeed, a permanent solution to a growing family's needs.

With sound insulation and double glazed skylights the loft can create an exceptionally quiet and relaxing environment high above the clamor of the world below.

" Our loft conversion makes a lovely bedroom "

Add in electronic window blinds for comfort ease together with the convenience of an en suite shower room and you have the luxury master bedroom you always dreamed of.

Study and Home Office

If you work from home then a loft room provides a peaceful work environment and a degree of physical separation from others. We can design a loft for home office use, installing adequate power, light and ventilation required for all-day comfortable loft use.

A recent example of a storage/office conversion shown on a clients own web site.

Loft Conversions to Livingroom
Picture by Velux

Living room

A loft living room gives splendid views over the cityscape or landscape. Space above all the hustle and bustle of modern life, somewhere to watch the sunset and stars, somewhere private and cosy, or just somewhere a little different in which to socialise.

Storage Attic

A low cost way to maximize your home storage space. Convenient storage space may require strengthened floors, shelving, a loft ladder, and roof skylight. Buy online: Storage and moving boxes.

From Ideas to Designs

Our understanding and experience in converting lofts and roof structures means we can translate your attic ideas into practical installation of windows, stairs, doors, lighting, and floors. For professional loft solutions and innovative ideas contact us.

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