Access-In: Attic / Loft Conversion Insulation

Loft Conversions, Dormer Extensions, Attic Roof Insulation and Windows


Gyprock Rockwool™ Insulation

Rockwool insulation is used for maximum warmth, thermal and fire insulation.

We use 250mm Rockwool™ or similar approved glass fibre insulation beneath loft floors.

The insulation is fitted between floor joists onto a cradle of chicken wire mesh.

The wire netting is laid at right angles to the joists and forms a loose cradle hanging above the ceiling. The cradle is mechanically fixed to the joists so should the ceiling collaps in the event of a fire, the 30 minute fire barrier will remain in place below the loft floor.

Rockwool is a medium density insulation roll designed to thermally insulate domestic roof spaces. It will also improve the acoustic performance of intermediate floors.

Standards and Approvals

Rockwool complies with BS 5803 part 1:1985, has a British Standards Kitemark license no. 06661. Rockwool rolls are on the Department of Local Government and Regions (DTLR) list of approved products.

Within suitably designed loft and dormer conversions can reduce levels of sound conversion.

Loft Safety

Rockwool Roll is rated A1 to EN 1350-1 reaction to fire test, Rockwool does not react to metal components in a loft, nor cause damage to electrical cables and pipes.

Care is taken when laying loft insulation to prevent dust and spread of fibres keeping your home clean.

  • Half hour fire resistant
  • Thermal insulation
  • Acoustic insulation
  • CFC, HFC and HCFC free
  • Glass fibre

Laying Loft Insulation

Thermal insulation legislation requires that Rockwool Roll (when not underfloor) is cross layered, the first layer is laid between joists at specific widths, with a second layer laid cross wise to minimise cold bridging from timber joists.