VELUX® Roof Balcony Terrace Windows

Velux Roof Balcony Systems: GDL Cabrio & EGL Terrace System Installation


VELUX® Balcony and Terrace Window Systems

VELUX Balcony and Terrace Window Systems
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"Transform your lifeless attic space ... install a VELUX® Roof Terrace System using a mixture of sloped and vertical elements"

Modular designs allow you to choose limitless combinations of roof window systems.

Roof Terrace Systems

Roof terraces combine the dual function of top hung windows with matching vertical windows and window doors.

Top windows open out to 45 degrees, while lower vertical windows either side open or are fixed.

The window also adapts to form a roof terrace you can walk out onto or keep a balcony garden.

Roof terraces require a fixed roof terrace built into the roof during loft or dormer conversion.

Cabrio Balcony System

Velux Roof Terrace System

The New Cabrio Balcony when closed is an unobtrusive double window that opens up into a mini terrace.

The ingenious Cabrio fits snugly into your roof like other loft windows. However, when opened the Cabrio becomes an instant balcony with roof top view.

The upper window has powerful, spring-assisted hinges, while the lower window slides into a vertical position automatically held there by sturdy integral, banister surround and railings

Velux Cabrio Instant Balcony System

Window double-glazing is a combination of toughened and laminated glass to highest safety standards.

Easy Window Cleaning

180-degree rotation allows easy cleaning of external panes

Precision Engineered

Velux Roof Terrace System

Balcony and Terrace systems are precision engineered to provide an exciting balcony in seconds.

Window Accessories

Velux Roof Terrace System

Balconies and terraces are available with VELUX® blinds and electric controls for easy of functioning and control.

How to Install VELUX Balconies & Terraces

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