VELUX® Electronic Controls for Windows and Skylights

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VELUX® Electric Skylight Systems

Electronic Window Controls
*Picture by Velux

VELUX® has a sophisticated range of electronic widow controls designed to remotely control and/or automate window operations.

Electronic control options are available for windows, blinds, awnings and roller shutters.

Rain sensors are available for standard and advanced systems.

Electric Skylights

In addition to wall mounted controls the electronic controls include remote control handsets to control every aspect of your roof windows.

Velux Electric Remote Controls
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For ventilation, setting rain sensor(s), operating blinds to control light and heat, and room ambience the electronic controls provide a luxury rarely available in vertical windows.

Hard To Reach Windows

Velux Electronic Blinds
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Loft windows are often used to provide daylight to light and illuminate stairwells, and in high ceilings such as sun tunnels and flat roof conservatories.

These hard to reach windows can be remotely operated at the touch of a button.

An entire bank of windows can be setup to operate from a single electrical power source but independently controlled.

Automatic Rain Sensor

Rain Sensor

Roof windows can be rapidly opened for ventilation or automatically closed if the rain sensor is triggered.

The rain sensor is activated at the onset of rain.

Rain water trips the system and windows are automatically closed.

Roof windows and flat roof tubular windows can be left open for ventilation in the knowledge that they can shut themselves should the need arises.

Ease of Operation

Remote control systems allow even hard-to-reach windows to be operated remotely so you can open or draw blinds, or even security roller shutters and awnings with the touch of a button.

All blinds and remote systems have been designed to ensure durable, long lasting, fault free operation. Electric controls for replacement loft windows add convenience and controllability.

The Roof System

Velux Electric Remote Controls
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VELUX® have designed and manufactured their roof systems with loft conversions and use of attics as storage areas in mind.

Electronic controls operate off a mains electrical supply to power the window motors.

A mains installation provides controllable Velux windows with a continuous, uninterrupted power source and very low maintenance, long live operation.

Siesta Blind Battery Operation

Velux Electric Remote Controls
*Picture by Velux

Siesta blinds have optional battery powered motor unit for convenience in installation. Batteries last for approximately 1000 operations and an infra red control handset give you the luxury of almost instant room blackout.

Automatic Smoke Ventilation

Where building regulations require an automatic smoke ventilation system we install only VELUX® systems which detect smoke and automatically open windows to vent it.

Additional units include smoke sensor, break glass point, wall switch and rain sensor.

Sun Tunnel

Velux Electric Flat Roof Skylight
*Picture by Velux

The sun tunnel windows are electrically operated GGL or GGU Roof windows with a pre-installed electronic motor to control window opening, blinds and awning or rain sensor. You can now make maximum use of a light shaft to let in light and air with the touch of a button.

Technical Information for VELUX Electric Windows

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