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Velux GGL Electric/Manual Flat Roof Windows. Instalation and Supply


VELUX® Roof Tunnel Skylights

Velux Flat Roof Tunnel Windows
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VELUX® has a specially designed skylight window for flat roofs.

House extensions, lean-tos and flat roofed dormers sometimes leave areas away from windows in the shade.

A skylight shaft lets natural light flood into room interiors to illuminate the living area beneath. Natural light reflects off the tunnel sidewalls, illuminating the room below.

Extensions and Conservatories

Flat roof systems are not confined to lofts and dormers. They can also flood conservatories, long livingrooms or kitchen extensions with daylight.

Flat Roof Skylight
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A bank of sun tunnels overhead will significantly increase natural light throughout the day and provide a window onto the sky at night.

The skylight has an insulated wooden kerb that fits a maximum 15-degree roof pitch.

The Roof System

Velux Flat Roof Skylight

VELUX® have designed and manufactured a roof system with advanced insulation properties, slimmer proportions, and internal aesthetics. While remote controls allow these hard-to-reach windows to be operated with ease.

Window Glazing

Multi-function PROTEC-STAR double-glazing is standard, and provides roof heat insulation and safety.

The window inner pane is 6.4mm laminate glass and the outer pane 4mm low-E glass.

Sun Tunnel Operation

Velux Electric Flat Roof Skylight
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Remote control systems enable these hard-to-reach windows to be operated easily. Open or draw blinds, or even security roller shutters are operable with the touch of a button.

Electrically operated, the sun tunnel uses a GGL or GGU Roof window and a pre-installed motor and rain sensor to automatically close the window were it to rain.

Electric Skylights

Velux Electric Flat Roof Skylight
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For ventilation, the centre-pivot Velux® GGL Window and FRS (Flat Roof System) can be remotely controlled using a handset or you can have installed a rain sensor to respond automatically to wet weather with closure.

VELUX Flat Roof Window & Blinds Installation Guides


FRS are vailable in manual or electronic versions and with a window lock.



Available as single or twin window systems.


VELUX® Skylight Accessories

VELUX® opened or closed window blinds can be used for heat and light control.

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