VELUX® Modular Roof Skylights

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VELUX® Modular Roof Skylights

Modular Roof Skylights
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VELUX® roof windows are modular!

Skylights can be banked horizontally, vertically, in blocks, or combined with matching vertical windows.

Loft Design

Window size, materials and positioning can have a dramatic effect.

The design possibilities are virtually limitless and we have included some ideas for window banks and combinations here.

The prospect of great window designs, light flooding into your loft rooms and both light and heat control is now a reality.

Loft Kitchen Bright Ideas

Maximise Daylight

You can transform your dingy attic into an amazingly bright, airy living space with a fresh installation of loft windows or window replacements for damaged skylights.

Skylights will allow up to 40% more light into your rooms than a dormer and often they do not require planning permission.

Roof skylights have low visual impact from street level and an unobtrusive elegance.

Modular Window Choices

Modular Skylight Windows

We can help you choose the right size and style of roof window to install so it suits your loft space and roof pitch. By coupling the modular windows together side-by-side and/or one by one above another to create a custom designed bank or column of windows supported by the roof purlins.

A rule of thumb is to fit a glazed area equivalent to 10% of the floor area for adequate natural light.

Installing up to a 20% ration greatly improves light into a loft conversion, and using several smaller windows and placing on both sides of the roof will enhance light distribution.

Window Controls

Modular Skylight Window Control

Automatic rain detector and motorised electronic systems are available to control banks of windows.

Combination Windows

VELUX® allows different variations of window in a single installation to be banked together, e.g. GGL (Centre-Pivot Roof Window)
+ GHL (Top Hung Roof Window)
+ GPL (Top Hung, Emergency Escape/Access Roof Window).

Roof Window Systems

Roof Terrace System

Roof systems such as:
AVE Roof Window + Vertical Window Elements
ABS "Cabrio" Balcony System
ATS Roof Terrace System
are available as packages. However, alternative combinations are available such as four or more windows. Contact us for further information.

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