VELUX® Replacement Windows and Glazing

Loft Conversions, Dormer Extensions, Replacement Windows


VELUX® Replacement Windows and Glazing

Replacement skylights for converted lofts

We refit, upgrade and re-glaze VELUX® windows.

So if want to improve the visual appearance of your home and enhance its value fit replacement VELUX® loft windows in attic or dormer roofs.

Replacing your tired or damaged loft windows will give your home a fresh feel, maximum weatherproofing, superior sound and great heat insulation.

Latest Accessories and Controls

Plus the latest accessories such as security locks and opening restrictors, electrical automatic rain sensing and remote controls to add luxury to your loft space.

Velux Security Window Lock
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If your old windows are damaged, then replacements are available for the entire the range of VELUX® windows.

Double Glazing

Double-glazing in replacement loft windows creates an insulating air gap between the two panes of glass which is lacking in a single glazed frame.

The insulating double glazing reduces heat transfer through the glass to the outside roof area, robbing the roof of heat.

Double glazing in such a crucial area of the house can reduce heal loss by over 10% and will reduce heating bills and make your living environment warmer in cooler weather.

Velux Replacement Glazing Installation

Replacement windows for:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Noise reduction
  • Improved security
  • Weatherproof performance
  • Low window maintenance

Premium Double Glazing Option

VELUX® has introduced a more thermally efficient and safer double glazing alternative. A new premium PROTEC-STAR double glazing is multi-function and all panes are fire designated.

Replacement panes for roof windows have U-values od 1.6W/m2k

Window Servicing

Velux Electric Remote Controls
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To ensure perfect operation of your loft and dormer windows our technicians give your windows a full maintenance service, this includes replacement of maintenance flap gasket, a hood filter and exterior flashings clean, operations check and greasing of friction points.


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