Dormer Loft Floor Insulation

Floor Insulation in a Loft Conversion

Materials required:

Glass Fibre Loft Insulation Rolls

Glass fibre loft insulation rolls

  • Glass fibre insulation rolls - 250mm
  • Chicken-wire mesh netting

Insulated box

Loft insulation materials work by preventing the movement of heated air into and out of the loft. The loft is constructed to be a well-insulated box for both comfort and safety.

Thermal and Acoustic Insulation

Under floor insulation is fitted between the newly laid floor joists. Building Regulations require 250mm of glass fibre insulation. This provides 30-minute fire resistance and temperature insulation from the rooms below.

Glass fibre insulation has good acoustic insulation properties so people in the bedrooms below will not be disturbed when the loft is in use.

Loft Insulation Wire Cradles

Loft insulation wire cradles

Wire Cradle

The insulation is laid between floor joists within a cradle of chicken wire. This wire cradle gives support and holds the insulation in place should fire from below causes the ceiling to collapse.

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