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Trussed Roof Loft Conversion Manchester

Trussed Roof Loft Conversion

Creating an attractive, spacious loft bedroom with en-suite in a modern detached family home in Manchester.

Dormer Loft Bedroom in Chorlton, South-West Manchester

Dormer Loft Chorlton

Roof dormer extension for double bedroom in semi-detached house. Chorlton-cum-Hardy, South Manchester.

Luxury Loft Conversion in Ripponden, West Yorkshire

Luxury Loft Ripponden, West Yorkshire

Luxury en suite bedroom in Ripponden, West Yorkshire. Sunken bath, bank of roof windows, space saving staircase.

Twin Dormer Roof Extension, Manchester

Twin Dormer Conversion, Manchester.

Loft and building extension to house in Whitefields, Manchester.

Luxury Attic Conversion Saddleworth

Attic Conversion Saddleworth

Luxury en suite attic conversion in Saddleworth, Oldham. Part of major refurbishment

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Bungalow with Roof Dormer Extension

Dormer Bungalow - Manchester

Bungalow dormer for luxury double bedroom, dressingroom and en-suite wetroom.

North Manchester Reconstruction of B.C.O. Condemned Dormer

External View of Rear Dormer Roof ExtensionRoof
Picture of Dormer Conversion from Rear GardenDormer
Stairs to Loft Dormer Landing AreaDormer
Dormer Landing to BedroomDormer
Attic Conversion Dormer's LandingDormer's
Dormer BedroomDormer
Rear Dormer BedroomRear
Bedroom Dormer ConversionRear

Full Roof Dormer Extension North Manchester.

We were contacted because the client wished to try and salvage something of a full span dormer extension that had spectacularly failed to pass Building Regulations. The project threatened to implode, with the loft being required to be converted back to a standard storage loft.

Failed on Height!

A real loft conversion nightmare!

The roofing company that carried out the work had worked from properly prepared building plans with approval and had carried out the roof dormer conversion with a fatal flaw - the dormer was 22 inches above the existing apex of the roofline.

The challenge was, how do you both take from the top (abover the apex) and add to the inside (internal height)?

The loft height was always going to be a challenge on this property as the internal height requirements were just sufficient to meet Building Regulations.

Any injudicious use of building materials will have reduced this available height further. This is precisely what happened. The builder had simply added height to the construction to compensate for the flooring, insulation and boarding that went in and used up essential internal space.

Dormer Building Plans

The local Building Control Officer was forced to fail the dormer loft - it met neither planning nor building requirements.

This was a very worrying time for the property owner - the loft was not only unusable but professional fees, materials and labour bills had already been paid and there was the threat of having to revert the loft back to its original state and lose his investment.

The Building Control Officer had expressed a great degree of skepticism to him about whether it would be possible to rebuild the dormer to Regulations.

However, the owner then called us - the right people, as we do like a challenge!

We did some careful measuring and constructive thinking and came up with the eventual solution which he chose as the way to maintain the internal head height, keep a dormer and pass regulations - thereby adding useability, salability and value to his property.

Reinforced Steel Floor Joists

Our proposal was to strip back the new floor to the original timber 2"x3" floor joists and strengthen these with additional timbers that would be tension screwed to the originals.

This added sufficient depth for the insulating materials, and some strength for load baring. The timbers could then be reinforced from below using RSJ's (steel supports) inset into the ceilings of the rooms below.

The new floor took away almost no head height within the loft area and a nicely finished support added a feature to the ceiling below.

Stripping Back of Dormer

Unfortunately very little of the original dormer frame could be salvaged as it was measured and cut to the wrong dimensions.

The windows though were perfectly adequate and re-used. A new timber frame was constructed which met with Building Control approval.

The control officer (BCO) was keen to see the project a success and liked our can-do approach.

Things were looking a lot more positive from then on, the BCO was onside and the client was breathing easy, confident the right team was on the job.

We added floor and roof insulation between joists, rafters, and put the floor down and boarded the ceiling - all without encroaching too much on the internal height, though it was close.

Stairs and Landing

Another unusual feature of the dormer was that the design allowed for a reasonability flexible use of the available space.

When the BCO eventually saw the finished internal structure - with the large landing area - more than one eyebrow was raised, however the loft did pass inspection as it met plans and building regulations.

This was great news as we could soon sign off on the job.

External Finish

A flat felt roof, guttering and down-pipes were added.

Dormer cheeks were clad in wood and the rear face was given a pebbledash finish to match the existing building.

Dormer Bedroom

The dormer bedroom fits nicely into the row of terrace houses. I looks to the rear of the property, over a lawn garden and hills beyond.

There is adequate head height and ample for use as a childrens bedroom. The central heating radiator and windows helps to make this a large, light and comfortable bedroom with landing.

Grateful Client

This client benefitted from our considerable experience and constructive approach to loft design within often quite strict technical boundaries.

Our knowledge of building regulations, construction techniques and modern materials helps us to generate sound ideas and proposals for common problems.

Our solution resulted in an ideal outcome for this client who was delighted with the outcome and service.

There are many benefits to choosing a specialist loft conversion company, particularly if you property is on the margins of viability on head height restrictions or you would like to really maximise your use of existing space and the value added to your property.

Above-it-All is here to turn your ideas into reality.

We are happy to work from existing plans, on problem constructions, and with architects and planners at an early stage to show you what is really possible.

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